DA Interior Design & Decor

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Anastasia Derenchuk

CEO / Founder

I am your future designer. I was trained and qualified as “Professional Designer” at ID xSCHOOL

I can see the future interior to the smallest detail even at the stage of its discussion with the customer. I knows exactly how to make the interior lively, warm and sincere, how to use “little touches” to make your new home immediately become cozy and familiar to you.

Watching how your idea develops from a pencil to the final finish, participating in its life and development, seeing at some stage how it begins to live an independent life and be something more wonderful than you originally planned – every time it seems me like a little miracle.

“Convenient interior solutions combined with consistent style and aesthetics in a direction that appeals to the client.”


“Good design can only be achieved when creativity is combined with real functionality to create the perfect balance.